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The right way to make milk powder

The baby is on fire, the parents can often think bb奶粉that the formula is the problem, but I do not know, sometimes they are really wrong to blame the formula. The incorrect way of researching the way to brew milk powder can lead to the development of changes in the quality management of milk powder, which can cause constipation in babies. Only by mastering the correct method of brewing formula can you have the ability to avoid the problem of baby fire. What are the instructions for brewing milk powder? We country together with the analysis to see it ~~

Milk powder washing misconceptions and奶粉比較 corrective methods

Add milk powder first and then add water

Hazard: add milk powder before adding water, the actual 母乳餵哺water in the milk powder instructions will be less than water, can not ensure the accuracy of the concentration of the preparation; and add milk powder before adding water, milk powder is more likely to clump, dissolve unevenly, is not conducive to digestion.

Raw:The correct order of blending should be, in accordance with the blending ratio marked on the milk powder can, add warm water to the bottle first, and then add the right amount of milk powder to the bottle.

Pure water production or a mineral water milk brewing

Hazards: Pure water and distilled water, there are no impurities or bacteria in the water, and does not contain a variety of inorganic salts, the lack of minerals in ordinary tap water; while mineral water and pure water is the opposite, it contains a large number of complex minerals. Long-term use of these two products may affect the health of the baby.

Raw: Boiled water, cooled to the proper temperature, is best. If in doubt, add a water purifier at the tap.

Water temperature not noted

Hazard:Infant formula has many nutrients with poor heat stability. If the milk powder is brewed with boiling water at a higher temperature, it is easy to lose nutrients; cold water milk powder is not easily dissolved, and the baby's intestines are injured.

Health: the development of mainstream milk powder products on the market are required to study the relevant national quality control management department inspection, does not contain pathogenic bacteria, so we can ensure nutrition, most of the milk powder recommended brewing temperature most of the time at 40 ℃ best. Specific analysis of different brands of milk powder, the recommended water temperature is not the same, so when you buy a new milk powder to drink, it is best to look at the instructions. In general, the water used to make milk powder is dropped to the wrist of the adult and can pass the temperature of the water accepted as the most suitable for making milk powder.

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